Listen to an interview with Elaine on Finnish Radio!

Much music and performing has happened since Elaine’s last post, many of which happened as a founding member of junctQín keyboard collective.

Elaine will be heard all week in an interview with Mika Lintu on Finland’s Rondo Classic FM radio station, as part of a special program series of four 15 minute programs featuring music performed by junctQín to be aired from April 16-22, 2012!

Along with the interview, live recordings of music by Karlheinz Essl, Aaron Gervais, Monica Pearce, Andrián Pertout, Tomi Räisänen and Alfred Schnittke can be heard on Finnish time (EET, 2hours + of Greenwich).

Click here for the schedule and for more information!

An article about Elaine’s interview is also available by clicking here.  Translations in multiple languages will be coming soon!